Global Postal Solutions Ltd

Warehousing Services

China Warehousing Service is Secure and Efficient

With over 40,000m³ storage space in Shenzhen (China) and automated equipment, GPS can warehouse your products safely, process orders and
prepare shipments speedily.

Step1. Warehouse Receiving

The only one thing you need to do is to fill out an Advanced Shipping Notice (ASN) when you are ready to send inventory from your Chinese suppliers to SFC China warehouse.

Based on this ASN, our self-built warehousing system will know what products and quantities to expect, and can stay organized and timely with receiving and warehousing.

Step2. Inspecting & Labeling

SFC will identify and address quantity or quality issues before warehousing to guarantee inventory accuracy and product quality, thus reducing your storage costs, the risk of customs clearance and store return rates.

Each piece is labelled with barcode and each valuable product has a separate tracking number to ensure zero error in warehousing and picking.

Step3. Storing in China

If your ecommerce customers are all over the world, storing in China is the best choice. Because it is more costly and fast to use China warehouses fulfillment center.

China Warehouse to keep your stock safe; complete with 24/7 security surveillance and insurance.

Storage usage is calculated and charged on daily basis and is ideal for fast-moving products.

40000m² warehouse can meet your growing inventory need.

Step4. Inventory Management

Warehousing is not simply about storing in a warehouse. SFC uses advanced Warehouse Management System (WMS) for inventory management and stock accuracy.

We guarantee that the accuracy of inventory is higher than 99% and the real-time inventory allows you to monitor stock levels and replenish stock in time to prevent shortage.

Sync real-time inventory with your online store so that your potential customers know the stock availability before placing orders.